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The copywriter who understands Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi, AMM, Oracles, and most things in between

I help blockchain and crypto businesses speak the language of their customers.

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Do something different. Communicate better.

Take my word for it: not all writers are fit for blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses.

The industry itself is new and most writers would fail to differentiate between nodes and miners.

Maybe, 10 years down the line, you can pick any writer and they would at least know the basics of blockchain -- the same way it is today for the SaaS industry.

Unfortunately, mainstream adoption of blockchain and crypto is still a work-in-progress. We're not there. Not yet. (But I know you want to make it happen with your project.) 

Thankfully though, some writers took the unconventional route. They dived straight into the blockchain and cryptocurrency realm early on and sharpened their understanding of the tech so businesses like yours could focus on the product and not have to worry about spectacular technical and marketing-oriented content.

Speaking of that, I debuted in blockchain writing in 2018, eventually working with clients big and small, new and old, some OGs, and whatnot. 

You can spot my writings across many major crypto, tech, and business websites, - either under my byline or someone else's (wink wink).

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White Structure

Mohammad has been helping me in the past few months in penning PR down punchy content for my clients. I cannot recommend his work enough - he is communicative, reliable, highly knowledgeable and easy to work with!

Orian Tal
VP Operations, Market Across


Here's How I Tailor Custom Content For You


To deliver to your content needs, I take your inputs and ideas. I grasp the idea of how you'd have wanted to do it if you were writing the content yourself. Then, I ask the right questions. A lot of them, sometimes. That gives me the perfect start to work on your needs.

01 / Listen and Ask

I look for every relevant piece of information I can find on the internet. I carefully scan through the resources you provide. I spend plenty of time to make sure I know all I should before I even write the opening sentence. Now, I'm ready for the exciting part -- the writing.

02 / Research and Plan

This is what you get to see. And this is where I put in my maximum effort. I write to deliver value. To you, to your readers, your customers, and everyone who reads the content. It's comprehensible, it's beautiful, it's well paragraphed, and above all, it sells. And if you find something missing, the editing is on me.

03 / Write and Finish
Keyboard and Mouse

Mohammad has been a great writer to work with. He handled a couple of ICO projects for us and he has proved to be a very supportive, fun, and down-to-earth person.

Sanem Avcil
ICO/STO Advisor

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Landing page, website copy, white paper, pitch deck, one-pager, ad and email campaigns. I do it all.


Badass copy that wins hearts. Period.

Blogs and Articles

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I write easy-on-the-brain articles that can help you sell, build authority, rank better on SERP, or get someone to order pizza for you.

Articles that readers can't not fall in love with.

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Tech Documents

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Different tech documentations are the number one content-related asset for your company. Get it done right.


White papers, lite papers, pitch decks 

Commercial Building at Night

Musharraf delivers. He has a strong understanding of blockchain technology and is able to express it in well-written articles that are both succinct and eloquent. He is a great guy, easy to work with and I look forward to having him work on many more pieces for me in the near future.

Sue Ng
Director, Global Marketing & Communications, ProximaX Enterprise

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