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About Me

Desert in Dark

Who Am I?

I'm Mohammad Musharraf.

I am a B2B Tech Writer with expertise in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.


But why should you care?


  • Because your business deserves content from a writer who is willing to understand it as perfectly as you do.

  • My content can help you get noticed by CEOs, CTOs, angel investors, and your customers.

  • I produce badass content that is engaging and persuasive. It's meant to help you achieve your marketing goals.

  • Plus, I use metaphors like pineapples on cakes, not on pizzas.

On the personal side, I love books, Italian food, Game of Thrones, adventure sports and mountains. I am a travel vlogger too.

Find my style interesting? Let's pour some of it into your business.


More About Me

As much as I love being home and working in my pyjamas, I'm a passionate traveler, too. With the dream of traveling across the globe, experiencing a multitude of cultures, I hope to have an adventurous life.


When I'm not writing for my clients, I'm either writing posts on Quora and LinkedIn, carving poems, binge-watching series on Netflix, or sleeping. 


I find both cats and dogs to be amazingly cute creatures, however, I prefer humans over them. And I find cats a little mean. 


When it comes to writing professionally, I swear by the old gods and the new ones that I'll put in the best of my efforts to provide unique, quality content.

Sounds like a person you'd enjoy working with?

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