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Blockchain Writers Squad

I'm putting together a squad of blockchain writers. Not just any writers, mind you. Blockchain writers. Writers who believe and have experience in blockchain, DeFi, crypto and whatever comes with it. Want to join in?

Image by Alesia Kazantceva

Nice to meet you. Thanks for taking the time to apply. Here's what the job entails:

You'll be ghostwriting technical content - blogs, social media posts, news pieces, etc., for projects innovating across different sectors in the blockchain space. You'll be like that behind-the-scenes professional in a stage show whom nobody knows but whose work everybody sees and appreciates. 


My deadlines are often tight. Two days, three at max. Sometimes, only one day. But be sure that I'll give you the maximum time I can afford to.

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Keyboard and Mouse
Give it your best shot
We all look for a type. In men, women, dogs, cats, hell yeah, even in the fonts we use. What type of (blockchain & crypto) content do you prefer to write?

Thanks for applying. You'd have received a confirmation email

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