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4 Must-Know Content Tips to Market Your Blockchain Business

Technological breakthroughs happen when some extraordinary people ditch conventional business ventures and decide to work on something in its infancy. At present, these extraordinary people are the ones working with blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

Blockchain has gained a substantial amount of coverage in the mainstream media since the Bitcoin boom, but it's far from popular. The primary buzz is still around cryptocurrencies and not blockchain.

Most people are still oblivious to the word 'blockchain', let alone having a basic understanding of the technology. This makes the marketing of blockchain businesses a difficult game.

You have a small audience to promote your services to. The moment you decide to push it in front of someone not already involved in the blockchain and crypto space, you risk your ROI.

Your focus might be on reaching businesses that you can disrupt with blockchain, but that doesn't change the above fact. A CEO or CTO of a business who lacks an understanding of blockchain might not be flattered by your solution when he sees it on his screen.

It's simple: You might be having a solution that could save my business a million dollar each year. But if only I fail to understand it, I wouldn't buy it ever.

This makes it crucial to market your blockchain business the right way. And here are 5 tips that you could use instantly to step up your marketing game.

1. Spread the Word. Get Published.

There are a few highly renowned publications in the blockchain space that most members in the blockchain and crypto community follow. If you are targetting people already involved in this space, these publications would be a fruitful bet.

There are two ways you can get published on these platforms: first and the most simple is by paying the publisher to post an article about your company and promote it. Second is to get in touch with a writer or editor on the platform and ask if they'd be willing to write a story for you in a non-promotional way. This can be done by paying them a writing+publishing fee.

These articles promote your business to an audience that possibly has the highest chances of converting into a lead. Besides, your business website also gets a strong backlink, which helps it rank better on SERP.

Apart from crypto publications, the like of Forbes, Entrepreneur, CNBC, and Reuters must also be on your list of publications to get published on.

2. Make Your Copy Crisp and Clear.

All marketing starts with a great copy.

Tell me, would you trust a company whose website is stacked with grammatical errors? Or, would you buy from a company if its ads do not have a strong message?

You wouldn't.

Just like that, nobody would trust your business if your content is confusing or filled with error. And when I say content, I mean everything from your website landing page content to your whitepaper, web copy, one-pager, ad copy, newsletter, and so on.

Also, getting error-free content is not all. It must be simple, easy to understand and persuasive.

Blockchain is not simple, let's accept that. Now, if you give a hard time to your audience trying to understand your services, you're sure to lose 'em all.

But, if you hire an experienced blockchain copywriter rather than someone who "writes in all niches," you have already won half the battle.

Someone who understands the technology you're working on would do justice to your content. He'll be able to explain your business and the technology in the most simple terms to your audience. And when they understand what you're offering, you know what happens. They buy from you.

3. Post Content Consistently on LinkedIn

I can't stress enough on how much impact this can have on your business.

As an active LinkedIn user, I've seen many people give a considerable push to their blockchain business just because they had earlier built a huge following on the platform. All they did was to consistently create interesting posts and engage with the community.

LinkedIn has a huge potential because a majority of professionals from all industries are active on the platform. They engage with posts and often converse with community members. This is why it's a great way to show up in front of them and let them get to know you. They might not be your direct target audience but being known and talked about always goes a long way.

While it's best to manage your LinkedIn profile by yourself, I understand, you might not have the time to do that while managing and growing your business. In that case, the next best option is to hire a content strategist and writer who could write LinkedIn posts and articles for you. But you would still have to engage with your community on your own.

4. Guest Blog on Technology Websites

There are several technology websites that accept guest posts from thought leaders. You must utilize this for your business to gain higher exposure.

Getting editors from a popular website to accept you as a guest contributor might be time-taking, but it's all worth it once you're there. You can be a guest contributor to as many high authority websites as you can manage to produce unique content for.

Just in case you don't have the time to pen down those articles by yourself, you can always hire a ghostwriter to write on your behalf. Of course, you need to pay the writer, but that's a part of growing your business.

Parting Words

There's no doubt that you first need to have a worthy service or product to sell to your customers. The second most important thing is that your customers get to know about it. And when they do come across it for the first time, they must get a strong impression of it.

The only way to start doing that is to produce the best, most persuasive content and put it on the best possible platforms, including your own business blog.


If you need help with any form of copywriting service for your blockchain business, feel free to reach out to me on my LinkedIn Profile or drop an email at

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