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Does Your Content Writer Fit Your Blockchain Business

You started a blockchain business because you saw the potential in it

You understood the concept of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

You hired people you believed were equally enthusiastic about working on this groundbreaking technology.

But what about that team member who delivers your ideas to your audience?

Yes, I am talking about the content writer you hired, full-time or freelance.

Do they understand blockchain?

Do you think they can do justice to the ideas that brew in your mind?

Can they untangle the complexity of this relatively new technology to explain it to just anyone?

I don't say that they need to be pro in everything blockchain, but the basics, at least?

If your answer to all of this was an easy 'yes', you made an amazing choice. Great work.

However, if you hesitated even slightly after reading these questions, it's time to rethink.

Your business is YOUR business, and YOU must make sure that you take proper care of it.

Your audience and your prospects expect a highly comprehensible form of your ideas delivered to them in order to engage with the content. And if that is not happening, you will lose trust, leads, money, time, and eventually your whole business.

If you didn't already know this,

yes, content makes that big a difference to your business.

So, what should you do?

You should treat the process of hiring a content writer for your blockchain business as seriously as you would for any other team member.

There are many great writers in the world who write amazing fiction pieces, but you do not need such a writer. Your business is not fiction, it's reality. It's technology. More specifically, it's blockchain. You should have that in the back of your mind while looking for the right writer.

Before you hire a writer, check if they have prior experience of writing about blockchain and cryptocurrency. Consider asking for published blogs or news articles relevant to your business niche.

Look up their portfolio or LinkedIn profile or both to see the companies they've worked with and what they say.

The whole point is to be smart while hiring someone to write for a business that you're pouring in all your effort to.

Go the extra mile. Look for the right fit. Don't settle for any random writer.

You Have a Match

Mohammad Musharraf is an experienced B2B blockchain and cryptocurrency writer. His work is seen across many renowned blockchain publications such as Cointelegraph, BeInCrypto, and BTCManager. He helps blockchain businesses reach their goal with persuasive business content (blog, landing page, web copy, pitch deck, email newsletter, video script, and more).

Today is the best day to hire him.

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