The Power-Packed List of Free Websites and Tools for New Freelance Writers

This is my no-bullshit, no long-form-content-for-SEO blog post that lists the free but valuable websites and tools I use as a freelance copywriter.

These websites and tools helped me

— Convert freelancing into a business

— Define the type of clients I want to work with

— Get better at quoting the rates I want to quote rather than quoting what the client may want to hear

— Win high-ticket clients.

— Understand the weak points in my work

— Write better and more effectively

— Organize and schedule my projects

These are the exact websites and tools I use to get shit done.

Without any more beating around the bush, let’s begin with the shot but power-packed lists:

Learn Freelancing

Make a Living Writing Blog — Amazing tips from a freelance writer, Carol Tice, who’s built one of the most influential businesses around freelance writing.

The Write Life — Another paradise for writers. And it’s not just about writing but everything about a writer’s life.

ProBlogger — ProBlogger is the Bible, Gita, Quran, whichever you prefer, for writers and bloggers. Pro Tip: The website contains a job section that is always up to date. You may want to try your luck.

Elna Cain: Owned and operated by Elna, this is an extremely valuable website all writers must try going through.

Copy Hackers — The whole website is a banger. As I always keep talking about guest posting, I’ve attached one of the most detailed guides out there on guest posting. You should read as much of their content as possible.

Have A Word — This man, Pete Boyle, is one of the most straightforward freelance advisors out there. He talks no crap, and he knows what he’s telling you. Read his blogs for some of the best advice.

Find Gigs

LinkedIn (Inbound + Outbound)— It’s amazingly powerful. That’s it. That says it all.

Note: You may want to utilize LinkedIn’s Job section too. (Mostly Outbound)— Or also called Angel List. This is the best place for finding startup jobs and internships. You’ll most likely find every company listed on this platform.

UpWork (Outbound)— I hate to put this here as I hate content mills, but UpWork is the best there is in this category.

Marketing Agency Websites — If you’re not already using them to find gigs, tell me why??? Why on earth are you not trying marketing agency websites to find work? Just search for every fucking marketing agency website you can and look for their “Careers” or “Jobs” section. Once you find it, look for jobs listed for writers, apply, apply, apply. If you don’t find that, find their email addresses and send them all a professionally crafted cold pitch.

Writing and Editing

Grammarly — Chances are, you already know about this. But in case you don’t, GIVE THIS A SHOT. And switch to Google Docs, integrate the Grammarly Chrome browser extension, and edit on the go.

Power Thesaurus — Writers need synonyms all the time unless you’re a Sashi Tharoor or a Dan Brown. This too has a Chrome browser extension that makes life a lot easier to find synonyms no matter on which web page you are.

Ctrl+Shift+Y: This is not really a tool, but you can select a word and press this to see the meaning and synonyms of words within Google Docs itself.

Client Outreach and Gmail Extensions

Streak — This is a CRM extension and has more functionalities in the free version than I’ll be able to list down here. I use Streak to track my emails. I mean, whenever you send an email, you surely wonder if the other person opened it or not. Don’t look any further than Streak. You’ll get an email every time someone opens your emails.

Note: This is a powerful tool if you cold email and want to keep everything organized within your Gmail account itself. You can create a funnel within Gmail itself.

Hunter — If you own a business email address, you can signup on Hunter and find 50 emails every month without paying a dime.

Project Management

Trello — Trello may not seem very useful in the beginning when the volume of work is rather low. But as you land more projects, this will be the best way to organize your projects, add due dates to them, and do all that management stuff.

This Could’ve Been Longer, But Would that Matter

I can add hundreds of more suggestions. But would that really matter — the information overload? It’ll most likely leave you with analysis paralysis.

That’s the reason why this list is shorter than more lists you find out there. But I told you, no bullshit.

If only you utilize these tools and websites to their full potential, they’ll be a great boost to your freelance writing career.

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