What I Do

I help small to medium-size businesses achieve their marketing goals with top-notch content that builds trust and converts.

My in-depth and short form blog articles are conversational, add tremendous value, and keep your audience engaged. I'm sure you're looking for something similar.



When someone visits your website, give them a reason to stay and convert into a lead. A succinct landing and service page does that magic for you. You surely don't want to miss it.


Ghost-writing is fun. I write the standout content and the client gets all the credit. It's a win-win for both of us. I've ghost-written a truckload of content. Also, there's no ghost, I promise.

Here's How I Tailor Custom Content For You

01 / Listen and Ask

To write something that concurs to your thoughts, the first thing I do is listen to what you have to say. I grasp a slight idea of how you'd want your piece to be. Then, I ask what I feel should be asked. And I ask a lot of questions. That is what makes for the best possible writeup according to you and your audience.

02 / Research and Plan

If there's one thing that makes me stand out from the crowd, it is my research skills. I look for every relevant piece of information available on the internet before jotting down even a single word. This is what gives me a great start into writing an eminent piece of content. And you'll know it when you read it.

03 / Write and Finish

Here comes the work that you get to see. I leave no stone unturned to make it worth your every penny. It is meant to bind your readers to the content until the very last sentence. It's comprehensible, it's beautiful, it's well paragraphed, and above all, it sells. And if you find something missing, the editing is on me.

Not Sure What You Want?