You and I have one thing in common

We Both Hate Content

That Doesn't Convert

Say 'Yes' to Persuasive Business Content

Your ideas are great.

But how would you make your audience believe it?

Persuasive content. That's the key.


It makes your ideas look as great to your audience as they do to you.

So, let's do it.

Don't compromise with your content quality anymore. Get content that converts.

Me? Who Am I?

I'm a B2B Tech Writer with expertise in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.


But why should you care?


  • Because your blockchain and crypto business deserves content from a writer who understands these technologies as perfectly as you do.

  • And unless you plan to clone your brain and put it into a writer's head, I can prove to be your best choice!

  • Not just tech, I have a knack for creative writing as well. This makes me a stellar business writer. I blend creativity with technology to produce crispy, juicy content that is engaging and helps you sell... MORE.

  • Plus, I use metaphors like pineapples on cakes, not on pizzas.

On the personal side, I love books, Italian food, Game of Thrones, adventure sports and mountains.

Find my style interesting? Let's pour some of it into your business.

As Seen On

Blog Writing

Are you looking for some awesome blog posts? Something friendly, conversational, jargon-free, and detailed? I can help you out with that. To bring up a conversational tone in the write-up, to connect to the readers through words, to persuade readers through words... that's an art I love to perform. SEO? Yes, I can take care of that too. 


This entails everything that can persuade readers to take action, be it signing up on your platform, buying your product, sending you an email, or ordering you a pizza.  Landing page, email newsletter, pitch deck, whitepaper, service page, explainer video script, you say it. I've done it all and I'd love to do it for you too. Ready?


This is where paranormal and extraordinary meet. Paranormal by its name, extraordinary for what it actually is. It is a form of writing where I write the content but you take the credit for it. As in, you're the hero and I'm the stuntman. And almost everything can be ghostwritten. It's a real win-win. I'm sure you'd love it. Sounds interesting?

My Clients Say it Better

Mohammad has been a great writer to work with. He handled a couple ICO projects for us and he has proved to be a very supportive, fun and down to earth person.

— Sanem Avcil,
Blockchain Influencer, ICO/STO Advisor

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